For triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon races we provide the following services: LF-based timing Using more timing points with combined placement (up to several meters apart from each other) can provide separate split times.

For example: Swimming - Depo1 - Bicycle - Depo2 - Running

The chip must be worn on ankle with neoprene chip band.

Our race numbers are made for Tyvek waterproof 77gr material, with individual labels and graphics, we make holes on it for race number belts. We undertake to envelop race numbers with the chip. For those racers who has no own race number belt, we sell it before and during the event. Read more>> Race numbers

Our 4.7 m wide burgundy color balloon arch is a great element of the finish/start area and it also functions as an advertisement surface for the sponsorship logo and transparent. Read more>> Balloon

We can operate special display for speaker during the race, with real-time information and various race statistics and is also inform the speaker the current data about the passing racer. Read more>> Other Services