PhotoPoint Pro

"An excellent, innovative solution for integrating Canon photo cameras to Timing Systems"
Alan Harding – AccuChip Timing

PhotoPoint in action.

Taking photos at the finish line or at a timing point along the race course is one of the features that every race organizer and athlete wants; even if it’s a small race.


Race organizers must hire a photographer to takes photos at their event. After the race, the photographer must manually review all of the photos and map the correct photo to each race participant. This manual process can be very time consuming and expensive.

Today with PhotoPoint

Just run the PhotoPoint software and point it to the raw timing data file that is created by the chip timing system. Once this is done, PhotoPoint will direct the attached camera to automatically take photos as each athlete crosses the timing point and stamp each photo with the chip number. This automated process takes away the labor involved in mapping the athlete to the photo and allows for quick and easy publishing of the race photos. When an athlete is finished, he can immediately see his own photos. Add this photo to his/her finisher certificate for a better experience for the athlete.

Less human work, less costs, higher service level and more statisfied competitors.